Investing in the Gambling Sector in 2018

The global online gaming market has been growing steadily for nearly a decade, and the current market value is + 153.33% higher than it was in 2009 growing at an average rate of + 10.88% these last 9 years. 2017 saw the size of the online gambling industry rise again at a rate of 5.02%. With the advent of new trends and the integration of new technologies, the growth of the online gambling market is not about to stop growing and should reach $59.79bn in 2020.


Amongst the new trends contributing to the growth of the online gambling market are the integration of mobile technologies at online casinos, the growing phenomenon of daily fantasy sports, the most recent appearance of virtual reality casinos, or the development of e-sports leagues. Not to mention the soar of live dealer online casino games, and more specifically, the live online roulette growing trend.

The Live Roulette concept first appeared as a Live TV broadcast on Sky channel 274 in 2005, where players could participate through their tv network, a telephone hotline or via SMS and aired between 6pm and 2am. The concept lasted a few years and, although some TV networks continue to offer live roulette TV programs, it is not until the game was brought online that it has experienced an explosion in popularity. Hundreds of people play live online roulette on a daily basis today, and online casinos with the best Live dealer gaming platforms are on the front lines to take advantage of this growing phenomenon. There is no mistaking it, the online gambling industry is one of the fastest growing markets of the decade, and it doesn’t look like the growth curve is going to will reverse any time soon.

New Investment Opportunities on the Gambling Market

On Monday, May 7, 2018, the US Supreme Court made an announcement that paves the way for investors to take advantage of the profit opportunity offered by the opening of the sportsbook market in the United States. Until then banned by the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, the decision of the legal body means that sports betting will probably be legalised in all US states in the next five years. This announcement immediately boosted share prices of the leaders of the gaming market.

The American Gaming Association has estimated that the market for sports betting on the black market is estimated at around $ 150 billion annually. The association, which is one of the major players in the American casino industry and is working to reduce restrictions on gambling in the country, bases these figures on an unreliable study, according to some economists. Never mind! These figures, whether accurate or not, reflect the economic potential that the legalisation of sports betting on the American territory represents and the leaders in the field know it.


The opening of the US market to sports betting is a chance for any bookies existing or emerging. However, some of them, already prominent on the European and Asian markets, already have a step ahead of their competition and are intended to share the monopoly of sports betting in the United States. These reputable gambling houses are for the most part already present for several years in the rare states that allow the legal holding of bookies within them such as Nevada, Delaware or New Jersey. These companies are recognisable by the recent surge in the prices of their shares in the stock market following the Supreme Court’s announcement, reflecting the interest that well-informed investors are right to bring about the opening of this new juicy market:


888holdings is an online gambling multi-platform reference, offering amongst the best online casino, sports betting and online poker experiences. They have the advantage of already offering their services in the US states of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey which will allow them to benefit instantly from the influx of new players from newly legalising online gambling states. The mere announcement of the Supreme Court has boosted the share price by 13%.

William Hills:

William Hills, the UK’s largest sports book operator, owns nearly 25% of the British market and manages more than half of the 192 bookies in Nevada is also a significant player. The announcement of the opening of the market to the United States has raised the price of its shares by 9%.

GVC Holdings:

GVC Holdings, a corporation that includes some of the most reliable gambling staple houses such as Ladbrokes, bwin and party poker, has also experienced a spike in its share price of 7% after the decision of the US Supreme Court.

The Slow but Steady Gambling Legalisation Process in the US is a Great Opportunity for Medium and Long-Term Investors.

The three companies mentioned above are just some of the dozens that will benefit from the opening of the US sportsbook market in the next five years, not mentioning that US gambling organisations are also intended to grab a share of the new market. The slow but progressive legalisation of gambling in general in the United States is promising for a spectacular change in the share prices of the major players in the sector, which is conducive to very significant benefits for investors in the medium and long-term.